Salt Lake City is the capital of the American state Utah and is at the same time the most popular and the most populous town in the area. There are many people who choose to relocate in Salt Lake City thanks to its unique charm, many opportunities, entertainment choices and warm people. However, the majority of the population which relocates here is young, so they are looking for cheaper places, such as rentals. The apartments for rent in Salt Lake City are numerous, but the most important thing when moving in a new city is the location. How to find the best neighborhood for yourself?


The first thing to do when relocating to a new city, such as Salt Lake City, is reading a short list of the neighborhoods and their description. The second thing is to visit the areas yourself and get their “vibe”. The third thing is to choose one or two neighborhoods and search for an apartment within them. However, you should take this process step by step. So, here you will find a list with the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.

The first neighborhood worth looking into is the Downtown Salt Lake City. This area is an interesting mix of condos, urban apartments and old homes. You will find here the best cultural and artistic scene in the whole city, and also a lot of chic restaurants, pubs and shops. This is the urban part of the city, perfect for young and driven people! There are always plenty to do or see!

The second area in the Salt Lake City you should definitely check out if you are looking to rent here is The Avenues. This is a truly cultural place, located on a large hillside, and it holds within it a wide range of home styles and apartment complexes. This area is more expensive than others but it is totally worth it, especially for culture lovers.

Another area to look into for a great rental apartment is 15th&15th. This neighborhood offers cool bungalows, modernized homes and apartments as well as chic cafes, a great local book store, a coffee shop and many other facilities. This neighborhood is a relaxed one, and is truly a great choice for aid back people.

The last but not least area to visit if you are looking to rent in Salt Lake City is the 9th& 9th neighborhood. This area is a very liberal and cultural one, offering great entertainment choices for people who love a good cultural challenge. You will find here many apartments, bungalows or federal style homes. Educated people usually choose this neighborhood. The area is also popular for its walking parks, small business, chic coffee places, dining places, etc. You should definitely check out this area for its diversity and culture.